Feather Paint Brush Set, Great Gift for Painter Art Student



My handmade custom gorgeous feather brushes make a super great gift for yourself or any artist. You can have each beautiful wand customized to have whichever color(s) you prefer.

You’ll love the feeling of creating your art with my handmade sculpted paintbrushes. They’re as unique and beautiful as the art you’ll create with them!

* ♡ Durable
* ♡ Comfortable to Use
* ♡ Use with Any Paint
* ♡ Easy to Clean
* ♡ Premium Gift Wrapping Available
* ♡ Fast Processing
* ♡ Customizable
* ♡ Handmade By Me Just For YOU

Each paintbrush is hand-sculpted using super durable polymer clay. Next, they are predominately hand-painted. I love hand painting brushes because it allows for diverse & realistic colors. Once sculpted & painted, I then apply a protective coat which helps protect your brushes!

♡ FREE Shipping + Gift

For a limited time get free shipping & a free artist keychain charm. I’ll randomly select between a ramen noodle, paintbrush, or paint tube charm. ^_^

♡ Happiness Guaranteed <(^_^)>

If you don’t like these brushes just let me know within 3 days after delivery & I’ll issue you a refund.*


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Also available on Etsy: Handmade Feather Paintrushes

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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