Experience My First Art Show with Me in Dallas!

Roza Universe at Artist Showcase

I previously planned to make the Dallas Pancakes and Booze Art Show (read more about my experience at The Pancake and Booze Art Show in Dallas here) the first art show I attended but in the process of going through my emails I was made aware of an art show that was happening ever so slightly sooner. An artist showcase in Dallas, Texas at The Checkered Past Winery.

The Facebook Page showed there would be slightly less people. Being the introvert that I think I am I figured it would be a good opportunity to get a feel for participating in art shows. I’d also get to network with other artist without the anxiety I get from anticipating being around a lot of strangers.

How I was able to Attend my First Artist Showcase

I sent the host a local Dallas musician named Byron Crenshaw a message on Facebook asking if I could participate and he agreed. Mind you this was a few days before the actual show so I was pretty stoked. I did a few DIY stands the night before because I freakin love DIY dammit. I also decided to take my less questionable paintings because of the environment, and I watched a mass amount of Youtube videos about other people’s art show experiences just to be sure I was properly prepared.


The Actual Experience at the Artist Showcase at Checkered Past Winery in Dallas

When close to the location I got lost but a guy named Sandro helped me figure everything out. I was massively nervous but once I finally walked in I noticed no one was there yet which was AWESOME! Awesome because it’s easier for me to calm myself if I see everyone who enters. Odd, yes. I am a bit odd sometimes.

I set up my art, put a few cards next to them and got me a glass of wine. The alcohol at The Checkered Past Winery in Dallas was bomb btw and the people working that night made me feel so comfortable! I waited for the others to arrive and talked to the woman who schooled me a bit on wine and beer.


Meeting Awesome People at the Artist Showcase in Dallas

I first met AviatedVisuals who already happened to be my friend on Instagram. That’s so awesome when you meet a dope artist who you were already friends with. He was showing some really awesome art that made me smile whenever I looked at it because they made me have “ah haaaa” moments. By this time I was pretty chill.

I then met this pretty fly guy name Evan who was going to perform a song. We didn’t talk much since he had to perform immediately after.

I also got to meet Joshua who is an AMAZING artist. His attention to detail is amazing and I personally love detail!

I also met Anna who takes these really dope photography night shots and makes ceramics. Her ceramics are GORGEOUS and after explaining the process to make them I’m even more attracted to them.

The band playing that night was amazing. The singer who I didn’t get to meet had the most beautiful voice. I’m such a sucker for a singer with a strong voice and hers was perfect!

Ultimately it was a great experience. The vibe at the Checkered Past Winery was chill and relaxing. Everyone there was friendly and approachable. I didn’t sell anything but I left having had a great time and met really talented and awesome people!

Some photo’s from that night taken by Clinton Alden from PHAT Armadillo Productions!


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