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Poetry & Words… Thoughts

The Moon; She Pulls You Like an Ocean


Observation of beauty… Merely observing. So fragile the beautiful. But I long to posses it. Hold it in my hands. As the moon falls & sun rises over and over… It starts to seem I have to loosen the grip on that thing I love so much… So beautiful… It’s starting to hurt. The hurt.…

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You can have my thoughts… I live in my soul.

Kiss of Life

Why… Am I so afraid to die? Why… Actually… Do I want to live so bad? What… Exactly would posses me… Would move me… To keep going? Keep trying? What, in this painful existence… Is worth all this suffering? After all, we’re born suffering. We only experience satisfaction through our suffering… Hmmm but that… That…

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My Soul… I Live There. Embrace it.

Poetry On Expression Visual

My thoughts… Took over my dreams. I realized my decision to stop pouring my soul on that illusion I thought were deaf ears… for the moment… Hurt more than expression in that current reality. Expression creates such weightless freedom from the cage of your own suppression.

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When you came from my womb… Every day I’ve looked into your eyes… I realized death, life and the Universe. Your innocence. His spirit. My canvas. MY canvas! Entrusted with you. Blessed with YOU. Unconditional through you. Bite the apple. Me, bring life to THIS mentally corrupt world. I’d have mercy on your unborn soul.…

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