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Unique Personalized Paintbrushes Handmade for Artist & Art Students.

Treat yourself. Makes the best gift for artist.  High Quality Custom Art Supplies.

Products: In-stock Paint Brushes, Paintbrush Sets, and Original Artwork

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I’m the artist behind RozaUniverse.com. This site is meant to showcase my handmade paintbrushes and other unique and personalized art supplies. I’ve been sculpting for over a year now and am excited about sharing my beautifully created unique paintbrushes and supplies with you! You’ll love the high quality of every item I create. Not only are my artist brushes and holders beautiful, but they are also comfortable to use. Can you imagine creating your next work of art with something so beautiful in your hand? The thing with most artist is that we love to surround ourselves with things we find personally beautiful. I love painting and love creating my paintings with my brushes. I understand the importance of quality and function when it comes to art tools. This is why you’ll absolutely love my creations! Want to learn more about me as an artist? Read my recent blog post titled The Artist Tag. 

Artist Adri "Roza Universe" Santos

Roza Universe