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I wanted to get back into making Youtube videos and I figured creating an “about me” video would be an awesome idea to get to know me better. I have a 4-year-old video on my channel that is similar but it doesn’t reflect me now. To make it more relevant I went on a hunt to find questions which are specifically for artist. Interested in doing your own “about me”? Download my About Me Tag Questions pdf.

What is your preferred medium to create with?

I prefer to use acrylic paint when painting and polymer clay when sculpting. I was initially drawn to acrylic paint because of its fast dry time and my impatience. I’d love to experiment with oil in the future. I have oil paint I purchased but never got around to using.

I prefer polymer clay to sculpt with because of how quickly it hardens. Most pieces you put in the oven for 10-20 minutes depending on the brand and thickness. Granted, occasionally I have to put my creations in the oven more than once when using layers. Also, depending on the brand it hardens beautifully.

When did you first begin creating art?

I loved creating art since 3-4 years old. My mom used to draw a lot, and I admired how well she drew. In elementary I used draw “portraits” of people for 50 cents to a dollar. I didn’t really get back into art until I moved into my own place at 18. I had more free time and purchased a cheap acrylic paint set from Walmart.

I started sculpting with clay in mid 2018. I had the urge to create with my hands… to sculpt. I spent a lot of time watching videos on Youtube and knew that sculpting was something I wanted to try. I purchased my first blocks of clay from Hobby Lobby and have since been hooked.

Does your art have a theme?

In terms of painting I mostly create boho themed, sexuality inspired, and the occasional horror inspired piece.

My custom sculpted items are usually fantasy inspired. There are only so many functional designs you can use on brushes and holders though.

Did you go to school for your craft?

Yes. I’m a freelance website designer and organic internet marketer. I do work for startups, old school brands that need help to modernize their online presence, and white label work for bigger agencies that need outside help to keep up with their demand.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired a lot by my emotions and my findings when exploring my spirituality. If I have strong feelings about something I like to express it through my hands and it gives me a “release”. Lol. Like this emotional release of happiness. I also love reading about people’s theories and philosophies and if something resonates with me I’ll create something to help me have a better understand the concept.

What do you hope to accomplish with your art?

I just want to make things people love and can resonate with. I want something I poured myself into to be in the hands of various people all over the world who will appreciate it.

What’s your most favorite piece created to date?

native woman smoking weed mixed media painting

This is one of my favorite paintings because it’s the first mixed media painting I did. I saw someone in a Facebook group post a painting they made with sugar and glitter. That’s when I learned about mixed media art and fell in love with art style. Most of my paintings are a form of mixed media but this one is my favorite.

Who is one of your favorite artist right now?

I recently found this really awesome page on Instagram and the guy does amazing work with sculpting. It’s horror themed and so detailed. He has really amazing work and skills. His instagram page is: MorgansMutations.

What’s your favorite art brand?

Currently, I don’t think I have one. I am currently living in Mexico and the art supply store nearby has mostly Chinese brand paints. I have experimented with those and the colors aren’t consistent. Otherwise, Master’s Touch seems to be a common brand I use.

In terms of clay, I love Sculpey. Granted, I used a lot of white clay and have only tried Keto clay which I found better for miniatures rather than paintbrushes and holders.

Do you have a “regular” job outside of creating?

How do you know an art piece you’re working on is done?

Hmmm. I lose interest indefinitely. There are pieces that I let sit for weeks or month and get back to but there are others I don’t want to add anything else to. This is when I consider that piece finished.

No, but I tend to read a lot as I find myself being interested in different aspects of art and creating things.

What is one thing you knew when you started taking your art more serious?

People will pretend to be interested in your art to mack you down. Mack you down= hit on you, try to bang you, get nudes, date you.

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