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Roza Universe

Hi there! They usually say put your bio in 3rd person but I always found that corny especially in a category where what you do (create) is a really personal thing. I'm an artist from Dallas, TX but currently in CD Juarez, Mexico. Art and creating has always been a huge passion of mine. I grew up with my grandma who couldn't provide more than the basics so I found myself drawing, reading, or creating things out of nothing. 

My art is mainly influenced by my spiritual journey and embracing the true meaning of love. It's been a way for me to see my ideology clearer. I feel the world does a lot to separate you from your true nature as you go through life. It teaches you a lot of false ways of living, loving, caring, etc. My miseducation led me to a lot of disappointment and emotional breaking points through my journey. 

Creating helps me disconnect from the world's deception. It's a way for me to ground myself and express my energy onto and into the things I create. My main purpose in opening my universe to you is in hopes that I can add something positive to your existence. You don't have to conform to social standards. You have everything you seek in you and will always attract your hearts deepest desires swayed by your intents.

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